Let’s talk about food.

1. There is a Korean restaurant right next to where I work. Actually, there’s a ton of Korean restaurants near where I work, since I work in Koreatown. But my co-workers like to frequent this particular establishment, so I went with them. They had these amazing bowls of noodles and soup, it looked so darn tasty. I took the menu on my way out and tried to see which noodle dish was the one I was so enamored with, and I saw this:


Repeating a festive array of the words “special” “brown” and “sauce” does not help me to know what the hell I’m going to be eating. Those three words are pretty cryptic as it is. That was my favorite part of the noodle menu. There were other similar entries, such as “Seafood Soup”, “Spicy Seafood Soup”, “Extra Spicy Seafood Soup”, “Extra Seafood with Spicy Noodle Soup”, “Extra Seafood with Extra Spicy Noodle Soup”, “Extra Seafood Noodle Soup”, and my personal favorite from this genre, “Extra Seafood Noodle Soup with Gravy Soup”.

2. I know a lot of picky eaters. For some people I know it’s faster to list the four foods they do eat then to list all the foods they don’t. However, I have noticed that almost all the picky eaters eat Italian food, specifically food with lots of Parmesan cheese grated on top. I don’t understand this because to me, Parmesan cheese tastes and smells like shaved foot callus. And not just any callus, oh no, the shaved foot callus of a long-distance runner whose foot has been in a sweaty hot sneaker all day. If I was fussy about what I ate (and I’m so not, I’ll try anything, even stuff I’ve disliked before) I would avoid food that tasted like stinkfoot. No point to this, just something I’ve noticed.

On a totally different note, did anyone watch the season finale of House last night? Did you cry? I cried a little. That was some mighty fine acting on Amber’s part. At one point it looked like her face would split in two. I won’t spoil it yet, but maybe in a few months or two I’ll revisit this episode and we’ll talk more about it.

Update: Just to prove my point about the fact that I am a good sport with eating, I will eat Parmesan cheese if it’s shaved on a salad or something, and I just talked about how it tastes like stinky sneakers. See? Good sport.

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