House. TONS of spoilers about the season finale.

First of all, I am back from Israel with many a tale to tell, but Cricket has the camera with all the photos on it, and I hope to get a DVD of all the pictures this weekend so I can share a few select ones with you all. Get prepared for that.

So yeah, the season finale of House this season, what a weeper, huh? There was one thing that bugged me out. Amber is a lovely-looking girl played by Anne Dudek, and she normally looks like this:


But in the last episode she gets hit by a bus and all her internal organs are ruined and she’s gonna die. So they wake her up and to gently break it to her that she’s gonna die. She tries to recollect what happened:


But then she realizes she’s gonna die and she gets the most terrifying facial expression for five whole seconds:


Tell me that’s not the creepiest face ever. And she does it for a really long time. I recoiled from the television, I thought her mouth would fall open and bats and spiders would come flying out. I think it’s because Anne’s irises have no color. You can watch the episode on Fox’s House website. See for yourself. Bring tissues.

Alright, pictures of Israel, coming soon.

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