Painting the bathroom, Part 1.

My guest bathroom has some issues. It’s got glass on one side with the shower and on the other side it’s pure white and there’s no cohesive thread between the two. One would think to just hang artwork on the white side that had those glass colors in it, but I already have art that I want to hang in the bathroom and it has no glass-green in it. Therefore, I am making a mural, of sorts. I traced where the art would go and incorporated the plugs, switches, towel rack, etc. into the design with ornate elements. I made sketches just to give me a rough idea of where I wanted things to go.

sketch1.jpg  sketch2.jpg

Then I went into Illustrator and built the ornate elements so I could cut out stencils for myself.


Now I’m taping out my bathroom so I get nice straight lines. By tonight I should have pictures of that.

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