Remember Sloth?


I have since decided to make the white part a yellow-orange, give it a little more zip! and ping! And I thought Sloth there needed some friends, so I designed a giraffe to go with him.

New ‘n Improved Sloth:


and Just Plain New Giraffe:


I really tried to capture that bored, slightly stupid expression giraffes have. I think I got it. Maybe I’ll make another forest creature that lends itself to the long, thin layout. I have to think about what animal would suit the space.

Addendum: After looking at the giraffe and sloth together, I think two things: one, the giraffe needs more greenery around him, and two, perhaps he needs a small butterfly or tiny bird on his horn. The sloth has that vine he’s hanging off of, so incorporating elements that aren’t the animal itself is okay. Revised giraffe coming soon.

Addendum to the addendum: Decided against butterfly or bird. Increased greenery. Better giraffe.


Addendum to the previous addendums: Oh dear God, I’m totally overthinking the foliage around this giraffe. I’m going to stop now.


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