It’s spring! Spring spring spring! Tulips and restrooms, hurray!

Hooray and yay! New York has utter dogcrap winters, so when spring comes it truly is a delight. And the plants are a-blooming. I walked past Bryant Park (my favorite park in Manhattan) and saw these incredible tulips. Not just regular tulips, but big lush tulips with vague sunset hues. And there were tons of them all over the place. It soothes the soul, I tells ya.

tulips.jpg tulips2.jpg

However, I did notice something interesting. I happened to glance at the public bathroom on the rim of the park and noticed that there’s a pattern of animal skulls and ornate Grecian swastika-type designs.

bathroom1.jpg bathroom2.jpg

That is fabulous. How did I not notice this before? And why aren’t goths and neo-Nazis and Georgia O’Keefe fans hanging around there? I totally would. It’s like a mausoleum… for bodily waste. AWESOME. This became one of my favorite New York buildings.

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