Darth Vader and pretty graphic design.

Upon arriving to work the other day, I was greeted by the Imperial March blaring from gigantor speakers outside my office. When I leaned out a window to see what was going on, I was greeted by this sight:


Yeah, so Foot Locker is coming out with Star Wars-themed shoes. This is to bring awareness of the shoes to the public. Following the “standing there” portion of the morning, Darth and the storm troopers decided it would a good idea to weave through midtown traffic. I don’t know, Darth Vader looks considerably less imposing when trotting past a Sunglass Hut. Note there are very few storm troopers behind them because they cannot navigate around the cabs. It was a weird morning.


But on a totally different note, I designed something purty! Most of the work I do here is not particularly creative, but every once in a while I get to bust out my artsy chops and bring the illustrating hammer down. Which I did this week. There was a request for graphics representing “growth”, “new talent”, “leadership”, and “regional offices”. And they liked what I did, so the illustrations made it into the book we produced.

1growth 2newtalent 3leadership 4regionalhighlights

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