We now take a short break for some cute.

I found some more pictures of really swell cupcakes on Flickr:

1799709053_910edb7130_b 2929385950_cccbf3d2b7_o 3602452038_b8c67c3585_o 3601638357_a6be690f5d_o 3438561290_2700e20612_o

and my personal favorite, mainly for the name: The Straw-Berried Treasure Cupcake.


The cute inspiration bug bit me again recently when I saw the submarine tea thingie.


That makes me so happy. I have loose tea that I use occasionally, I may end up purchasing this.

Also, on a more macabre but still cute note, how badly do I want this wallpaper? (Answer: really freakin’ badly).

gray_animal-magic_repeat_on_1 gray_animal-magic_rabbit_detail-_off_1 gray_animal-magic_insitu_1

I love animals. I love anatomy. I love black and gray. I want – nay, I NEED – this wallpaper.

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