The bowerbird is amazing.

I’m watching Life right now, the David Attenborough/Oprah Winfrey-hosted BBC nature series. It’s very similar to Planet Earth, but they focus on different animals this time. One of those animals is the bowerbird. I would love to describe the bowerbird to you, but I think it’s best you see for yourself.

Yeah. My favorite part is when part of his display tries to leave, and he’s like, “You’re ruining my vision! You go here!” Here’s another video of the male bowerbird in action.

PILLARS, people. The bird understands ARCHITECTURE. I’m so impressed.

So, anyway, I saw a photo the other day, and I was convinced it was a piece of environmental art by the famous artist Andrew Goldsworthy. Nope. Bowerbird house. I found some pictures by Andrew Goldsworthy and mixed the bowerbird photo in there, so you can appreciate how freakin’ awesome this bird is.

Be humbled, people. Be real humbled.

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