My review of Black Sheep.

A friend of mine recommended that I see Black Sheep – not the one with Chris Farley and David Spade, the other one – which is a movie about genetically modified sheep in New Zealand who develop a taste for human flesh. If it sounds deranged to you, you’re absolutely right. It is batpoop looney tunes. I don’t care for horror films, but I made an exception for Black Sheep because all the puppets and costumes were made by Weta, which is the studio that made all the Lord of the Rings sets and costumes. Here’s the trailer.

See? I wasn’t lying. I actually live-blogged it to my friend Börkke, who had seen it recently. I figured rather than reviewing it, I would just copy and paste my comments about it here. I thoroughly ruin the ending, so if you want to see Black Sheep and would like the ending to remain a mystery (and oh, it’s magical, I tell ya), don’t read any further.

19 minutes in

I’m up to the evil baby sheep that was in the jar biting the sheep on the snoot.  And now…oh dear, she’s standing in front of the car.

I am concerned.

Oh look, little fluffy bunny. A really scared little fluffy bunny.
Earless Guy is talking to little fluffy bunny. AHHHHHHHH! Not okay. Dead bunny.

25 minutes in



Wait, they’re just regular sheep.

30 minutes in

Sheep fart. Tee hee.

37 minutes in


Also, Farmer Boy’s foot is a hoof. This does not bode well for our cast of characters.

44 minutes in

Well, I hope you’re happy. The sheep are grazing on human corpses.
Aaaaaand there’s an oozy hand wound. Delightful.

100 minutes in

Everything’s gone to hell. The sheep are killin’ errbody up in here. Entrails are being munched. Limbs are being ripped off. A dude is reading the bible (it isn’t helping). There’s a were-sheep is in the kitchen and he sounds like Chewbacca. This is all so very weird and bad, and even more weird.

One hour, 13 minutes in

What the frick is going on? I hate this movie. I now also hate farmers and sheep. This movie is seventy-five types of wrong.

1:21 in

Ahaha! He blew up the sheep using their farts!

Awww, now he’s a farmer and he’s not neurotic no more. How lovely. Please don’t make me watch this again.

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    I think At The Movies was just canceled, leaving a gaping hole in the movie critique market. MAKE YOUR MOVE!!!

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