More accomplishing! And then some Post-Its.

1. I got a request to do a special-order bag for a lovely woman in Belgium – she liked the design I had on a pre-existing bag of mine, but she wanted a bigger version for her laptop – so I made it and shipped it off. I feel so very fancy and important mailing my stuff off to Belgium. Here’s the bag I painted.

2. Various companies rent out Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central to hawk their wares in a big way, and this past week it was the an office supply company, focusing predominantly on Post-Its. They had a bunch of schoolkids make collages using Post-Its, and they were fine. About what you’d expect.

But then off to the side were these Chuck Close-style portraits, you know, cropped really tight on the face, not necessarily flattering, made up of many, many small things.

You want to know what it’s made of? Pushpins. Red, blue, yellow, black and white ones. Pretty amazing, huh?

Here’s the other face on display.

I LOVE this kind of thing, where someone takes ordinary mundane objects, and through an insane amount of hard work creates something really beautiful.

Addendum: This is a photo of my “fancy and important” face. You have to imagine me making that face while nodding my head slowly up and down and making a “mmm-hmmm” sound in a pompous way. Spectacular, isn’t it? Awww yeah.

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