A panoply of things.

1. Nessa, my co-worker, had a party for Halloween. It was the one and only time I got to wear my Ocean Reef costume. Normally, I would have worn it to the company Halloween party, but that was cancelled due to Sandy and her holiday-ruining rain. So here is a picture of me in my costume in Nessa’s apartment.

Nessa went as She-Ra, but she couldn’t find an appropriate sword. She bought some kind of Marauding-Horde-of-the-Rings sword, but it totally didn’t work for She-Ra. It looked like this:

Totally wrong. I took it home, cut off all the points on the sides of the blade as well as the handlebar bits, and tried to shape it more like a diamond. Then I sawed slits in the sides, shoved Bristol board in there and wrapped it in wire to hold it all together.

The next day, I paper-mached over all that goodnees.

And the day after that, I painted it silver with black accents and glued two giant resin turquoise blobs on either side. Perfect? Far from it. But it totally did the job.

She looked great. Some might attribute that to good genes or the fact that she works out all the time, but I say it’s the sword that I modified.

2. I saw this while walking through Koreatown. I… I don’t think that’s how you want to phrase that.

“Enjoy your black time!”

3. So, every day I walk past a sign for a necklace that is supposed to be an artistic interpretation of a teddy bear. However, whenever I look at it, all I can think about is Coco’s shoulders, torso and rump. Are you familiar with Coco, Ice-T’s wife? She is a cartoon character of a human being. See for yourself. NSFW in most places, like Earth.


Here is the picture of the advert for the necklace.

And here’s what I see every time I look at it.

4. I love this. I want a flabby mirrorball. In related news, if I were to become a burlesque performer, “Flabby Mirrorball” isn’t the worst name I could pick.

5. Today in Grand Central Terminal a news team was doing a piece on a sniffy dog. I played tourist and took a bunch of pictures. I liked the dog’s expression. “I can smell all kinds of stuff! Do you want me to smell something right now? Because I could.”

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