Stuff and things and also stuff.

1. What I might do if I had a kid. Hell, I might do it anyway, progeny or no.


2. Spencer Tunick takes photos of naked people in public places. I posed for him when he did Grand Central about ten years ago. If you ever come to my apartment I have a photo from the shoot in my bathroom. I recently saw a picture where Spencer has incorporated, I wouldn’t say “clothing,” but a covering of some kind. Sort of. Vaguely. Whatever, it’s beautiful.



3. It’s a boat that looks like it’s sinking! Ha ha! That amuses me.



4. Hamsters. So cute with their beady little eyes until you take all the red out of the picture and then suddenly it’s AHHHHH JESUS DEMON PUPILS WHY



5. This is the best picture from the most recent blizzard. It looks like an Impressionist painting. Wow. The photographer is Michelle Palazzo.

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