Some artists I’ve been enjoying.

1. Jeff Soto. I’ve spoken about his work before. I feel like I stole a thing he does for my kitchen. I probably saw it someplace, thought, “That looks cool,” and boom, there it is on my kitchen wall. I’m speaking about his blob-ended branches. See for yourself.

JeffSoto_Angelo JeffSoto_JeffDecayandOvergrowth kitchen-backsplash10

Jeff Soto has a series of little puffball paintings called Seekers and I think they’re charming. He paints with such a lush, bright style. Everything looks so vibrant.

32299_10151246075733501_1091652050_n 12308678_10153769570033501_6856134961691736167_n 8317939577_63d02ed031 jeff soto seeker 4 the gardener jeff-soto-seeker-key jeff-soto-seeker-lock pusher_01_zps0bc4ace5 Seeker_Friends-_2_The_Painter-Jeff_Soto-UV_print-trampt-72596m sfTheWise soto-seeker-friends-the-searcher soto-seeker-friends-the-sotofish-1 soto-seeker-friends soto-the-naughty-6x6 soto-the-nice-6x6 SotoCandyEaters The-Artist-Seeker-Friends-Print-Jeff-Soto-2 The-Skateboarder-Jeff-Soto-print-1

You can buy his stuff here if you need some seekers for your home (you do).


The other artist I’ve been feelin’ on lately is Hillary Fayle. She sews leaves together. Yep, real leaves. I think she coats them with something to prevent tearing but it’s still hard and I’m impressed. It’s a beautiful marriage of natural art and human art.

fayle-1 fayle-2 fayle-4 fayle-5 fayle-6 fayle-7 fayle-9 fayle-11 leaf-2 leaf-3 leaf-4 leaf-5 leaf-6

I don’t think she has work for sale but maybe she sells her work in galleries. Here’s her website and bio.

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