The enigma of Maureen Maher.

As I have mentioned numerous times I watch an absurd amount of television. Like, borderline unconscionable. I do like me those one hour crime stories. I’ve watched a lot of 48 Hours and in the process I’ve seen a lot of host Maureen Maher. Here’s the deal: Most of these hosts stand in front of a benign pattern¬† / green screen wearing a dark-colored whatever and tell the intro and outro of the story. Not Maureen. Maureen shows up every time in a complex leather jacket with a lot of flaps and buttons. If she’s in front of a green screen it’s got a run-down warehouse on it (why?) and she’ll often hold her hands in weird positions in front of her torso like she’s a noble in Louis XIV’s court. I did some research and apparently others have noticed this.


I consider this a true diamond image in a pile of coal images. We’ve got a flappity jacket, a crappy 3D warehouse AND Maureens’s doing something extra-weird with her hands, making a portal or stargate of some kind. It’s all-encompassing. I feel like I’ve been blessed.

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  1. Yo okay says:

    I’m a relatively recent viewer And I do like Maureen but yeah I was like does she have a hand disorder. Or even she lost both her arms? Not that anything wrong with that, or some neurological condition. Maybe both of her elbows were broken in a motorcycle accident.

    Or sure, maybe Maureen was raised to move her arms like that. I don’t know how she’d be able to open a pickle jar though.

    I do enjoy her as a presenter, she’s good. And yeah, awesome leather jacket. Maybe it’s also a curiosity that exposes ourselves more than a no-arm hand-puppetry presenter such as she might be. Maybe she can move her defunct, vestigal hands with the power of her mind. Or a backpack she wears with cables and whatnot.

  2. Nikki says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who is bugged by the hand gestures! It seems that she holds something in her hands and it looks freaking weird!!! It is overly distracting !!!!

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