The rules for me. Made by me. For me. Me me me. Also, me.

Did I ever lay out the rules I made for myself for this blog? I made myself rules because I just run HELTER SKELTER without structure, I’m CRAZY like that. Whoo, tippin’ cows and desecratin’ private property! Well, not really, it’s actually because this is a professional as well as personal blog and clients may come here and read things (sorry, boring reason). The rules I made for myself are as follows:

1. No cursing. No “S” word or “F” word or “C” word or other “C” word or “T” word or OTHER “T” word… Anyone who knows me knows how difficult this is for me. I tend to pepper my chat with a healthy dose of filth and debris. But I think keeping it clean is more professional and it definitely doesn’t hurt me, whereas cursing will most likely push some people away, which I don’t want, so this is a compromise I’m willing to make.

2. No sharing super-personal details. I like to share. A lot. The wretched and despised phrase “TMI” was invented just for me. So I’ll just keep the stories as dinnertime-conversation appropriate as possible.

3. No getting all political. I, like everyone, have views and opinions on things. I will not be sharing them here. No opinions on the government or child-rearing or the elderly or healthcare or the Middle East… we will not be discussing those things here. You want that, there are a ton of websites for that.

I hope I can keep my rules. I don’t that’s too hard. I CAN DO THIS.

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