The Rolo Incident.

When my mom and I go to the theater, we like to have chocolaty nibbles. It’s not permitted in theaters, so we have to have a chocolate substance that can be surreptitiously snorked down without the ushers/enforcers seeing us. Rolos work well for this purpose. So when we saw Deuce last week Rolos were also in attendance. I put the open Rolo tube in my purse and it appears that one of the Rolos broke free of its moorings and went rogue in my purse where it proceeded to melt and smear caramel all over my camera, phone, keys and various other belongings where caramel need not be. For the past week I’ve been finding things in my purse and they’re sticky. I have been forced to suck caramel off some of my possessions. (Rubbing it with a wet paper towel doesn’t work. It just rips the paper towel. You need to have spit and suction. Trust me. I’ve lived through this for a week.) And when I think it’s all under control, New Sticky Object rears its head. There’s no point to this, just that I’ve got sticky possessions and it sucks. Well, technically, I suck (caramel off things) but you understand.

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