Meet The Bathing Beauties.

I’m doing a whole series of deep sea fish and they’re so truly hideous my mother has christened them “The Bathing Beauties”. That name has stuck for the time being, so I’d like you to meet The Bathing Beauties.


This is my anglerfish. She was mentioned in a post below. Originally she was going to be a one-off, but I enjoyed drawing her so much I drew her some friends based on the Blue Planet program I watched. Also, all of my beauties have an anthopomorphic component. For example, the anglerfish has a lure that lights up on a stalk attached to her head. I turned that into a lightbulb. You could really say she lights up the sea! Ha ha ha! Moving on.


Ah, the gulper eel. Isn’t she lovely, folks? I also mentioned her below, saying she looked like a kite because all she is is a giant head with a mouth that opens like screen doors that have been ripped off their hinges by a tornado, a tail and no middle bits. And because kites have those little bows on their tail for stability or balance (I forget, science class and kite-flying is a long way back for me), I put little bows on her tail. Awwwww. Pretty.


And now the hatchetfish. I know I’m going with a Bathing Beauties theme here, but the damn thing looks like its mother mated with an Orc. It truly was hit with the ugly stick. Whacked repeatedly. As you can see, it has barbs coming out of it, so I made the top and bottom rows arrows, two forks and a dental tool.

I’m now working on a viperfish wearing a sock (hey, it gets cold down at 5,000 feet) and one other, I haven’t decided yet. But there will be five of them and I’m hoping I sell them as a set and not one at a time. I’d like to see them all living together.

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