Weekend News.

Well, today was an exciting day. I received my first piece of comment spam for this website. Something about making my regions of desire more desireable, just a great deal more forward. Delightful stuff, really. I don’t expect it to be the last I see of spam, but your first is always your first. Sigh.

This past weekend I went to visit my friend Neenernator and her longtime boyfriend B. in New Jersey. New Jersey may get a crap rap, but once you get past the stinky populated bits, it is AWESOME. First of all, gas here is $3.50. Where Neenernator lives, $2.50. Then, Cricket and I stopped at a supermarket to get beer and sundries. The cheese section has chandeliers and the fish section had live music. I’m not kidding. And since you can’t buy beer in the supermarket in Jersey, they just added a liquor store onto the supermarket building. Brilliant. Sushi and margaritas for everyone! Then we get to Neenernator’s house, where they have mad huge property because, as opposed to New York, you can actually get some land and a nice house for several hundred thousand dollars. Cricket and B. rocketed around on quads all afternoon, then barbequed/smoked us some dinner. Then the neighbors came over with THE CUTEST DOG EVER (who I forgot to take pictures of, it was dark and I was eating nummy smoked deliciousness, num num). Let me explain this dog. The father, Gizmo, is a Shitsu. He fell in love and consumated a relationship with a Chihuahua. The product is a teeny tiny Shitsu. Imagine the most endearing little toy you’ve ever seen. Now imagine it alive and running around. Now allow for your brain to explode from the cuteness. There you have it. I’ll go out there again and then I promise I will take pictures of the extreme smootchiness of Ziggy (TCDE’s name). Neenernator also has a fish tank, a big one, 110 gallons. It was funny, she has this killer TV/stereo system all set up, but we chose to sit on the couch and stare at the fish for an hour. And then later, when we were watching TV, I couldn’t concentrate because I had to look at the fish. Fish are engrossing, people. Did I mention I had not consumed any alcoholic beverages or hallucenogenic substances? This is why I don’t do drugs or drink. If I’m already staring at the fish tank, where do I go from there? I see myself taking some drugs and then an hour later people finding me naked in some field rolling around in cow pies singing showtunes. That’s not an improvement, thanks, I’ll pass. So anyway, Jersey. I highly recommend it. Neenernator lives in/near a town called Dunellen, if you want to know the area. Lovely.

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