A nubbin of news.

I finished my anglerfish and redid the text on it, but forgot to take a picture. I shall do so this weekend. More importantly, I was watching “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” and Andrew was in Alaska partaking in strange Alaskan cuisine (fish, animal fat and berries mixed together make a lovely dessert, who knew). But my favorite was the “Jellied Moose Nose”. No, I am not making that up. You take all the edible bits of the moose head (did you know there’s edible meaty bits on the ears? Now you do), mainly the nose, and you chop them all up and cook them with some water and spices. Then you put all the meaty bits in a meatloaf pan and pour the remaining broth over it, which then gels. Voila. Jellied Moose Nose. It looks like headcheese. I want to try it, and then I don’t. But I don’t think I’ll be going to Alaska anytime soon, so this internal struggle (Yes moose nose? No moose nose?) doesn’t need to be resolved anytime soon. Phew.

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