A Completed Bathing Beauty.

I sanded down the previous text I had on the anglerfish and repainted the black and also the brown shadowing, then retaped out all the text and repainted it and I think I got it this time. It’s lower and more varied in height, so it matches the other fish much more betterer. Now I need to wood putty the sides, paint the sides and the back, attach hanging mechanisms, and we’re good to go. I am happy.


I already have ideas for my next pieces. My friend Jonathan Reidel, who is a terrific dancer and a choreographer, is having a performance in December at the Joyce Soho and we’ve talked about having some of my paintings in the entrance hall. Luckily he’s as eccentric as I am, so deep sea fish would work well with his performance and the kind of audience that will be there. I’ll see how many pieces I can create by then, so I have a selection to choose from that best suites his dances and the space I’ll be given.

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