Avocado Painting, Part 1.

I’m makin’ a paintin’! I was sitting in Cricket’s parent’s garden and they had planted an avocado pit, just to see if it would grow, and it did. It had nice glossy leaves, like this:


It inspired me to make a painting based on the avocado plant, which I started on Monday. I’ve painted two insects, moth/butterflies, that will be part of the painting. AND here they are:


Sooo pretty. And I got to be super-anal and paint all those leeetle teeny tiny dots, which was most satisfying.

On a completely different note, I walked into Duane Reade (for those of you not from around here, a NYC pharmacy) and they had fifty Christmas stockings behind the counter and red and green gift boxes everywhere. It’s October! Mid-October! We haven’t even had Halloween yet! I expect this from Hallmark, but from you, Duane Reade? For shame, Duane Reade, for shame.

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