New Year’s at the Big Apple Circus.

I rang in 2008 at the Big Apple Circus in Lincoln Center. It was super-duper-awesome, one of the best new year’s ever. I highly, highly recommend it. And it’s not just for kids. There were college kids and many many middle-aged people just whooping it up. Now join me on my travels back to last night.


This is the Christmas tree in Lincoln Center. It’s next to the fountain and it’s very pretty, but I think I liked it better when it was covered with large musical instrument ornaments instead of LED stars. Musical instruments are more Lincoln-Center-y. But still very beautiful.


This is the sign that greets you as you come into the circus. It’s up because this is the 30th anniversary of the Big Apple Circus, but I pretended it was because of New Year’s.


This was the only stunt I have really great pictures of. There’s a ladder on the left. Two men are on top of the ladder. In front of them is a teeter-totter. On the left is a man holding a woman on stilts who is holding a chair on a pole. The idea is that a man stands on the end of the teeter-totter, the two guys jump off the ladder, the guy FLIES through the air and lands butt-down on the chair. It’s insane and totally fabulous.


There he is flying… ohmygodohmygod…


… and he made it. The whole audience went nuts. We were screaming and stomping our feet.


Then the show ended at 11:45 (the circus started at 9:30 to facilitate ending near midnight) and they handed out headbands and red noses and noisemakers and champagne glasses. From right to left: my friends Collie, Frog, Feena and me. Oh, and don’t think it was just women sportin’ all this finery. Oh no.


Yep. That’s Cricket. Doesn’t he look smashing?


Then you make your way down to the ring and move around anxiously waiting for the countdown…


Happy New Year! Streamers and confetti went everywhere and the band started playing and everyone started dancing in the ring. There were couples slow-dancing together and people just boogying in place. Someone started a conga line. It was such a good vibe.


That rather happy fellow you see there started the conga line. He was a jocular fellow. I think if the circus had lampshades, he would have been wearing one on his head.



Okay, all these Upper West Side people just stood around the edges watching. I think they thought they were too cool to get jiggy with the commoners and I just wanted to yell at them, “You’re wearing clown noses on your ears! That lady has the biggest taffeta full-frontal wedgie I’ve ever seen! Your dignity left hours ago! Just dance already!” My favorite is the guy in the top picture on the left pondering something, like he’s Jane Goodall and we’re gorillas. “They seem to be celebrating something important in their group. If only they could talk so I could figure out what this all means. My research will have to continue until I have a better idea.”

Then we left and everyone went their separate ways home. Cricket and I took Metro-North and luckily I got through the whole evening without seeing anyone throw up, so it was a success all around. If next year you have nothing planned for New Year’s, may I recommend the Big Apple Circus. A good time was had by all.


Also, Feena climbed up on the fountain and I was able to snap this photo before the guards got to us. Happy New Year.

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