I’m “hep” and “with the times”. Oh yes.

I like to let technology do its thing, and after ten or so years I decide whether to get on the bandwagon. (Examples: I got a cell phone two years ago. I used a typewriter to type my papers all through high school (1991 – 1994). I started this blog in 2006. You get the idea.) Recently I discovered there is a terrific comedy duo called Flight of the Conchords. Then I found out they have a show on HBO and they’re actually quite popular and I am once again totally out of touch. Anyway, perhaps there are others of you out there that are also in the dark about them and I would like to enlighten you. Here’s some Wikipedia info:

Billing themselves as “Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”, (having been bumped by a tribute band of themselves, Like of the Conchords) the group uses a combination of witty banter, characterisation and acoustic guitars to work the audience. The duo’s comedy and music became first the basis of a BBC radio series and then an American television series, which premiered in 2007, also called Flight of the Conchords.

I think they’re nifty. Here are some videos from YouTube I found of some of their more rockin’ tunes. Some of them are a bit risque, so if you have wee tots in the room and you don’t feel like explaining things to them, I recommend waiting until they’re off playing something on their Nintendo DS before you watch these.

Business Time

Frodo, Don’t Wear the Ring

If You’re Into It

Foux Da Fa Fa

and my personal favorite:

Rhymenoceros and Hiphipapotamus

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