My apartment.

I got it! I got an apartment! The one with the floorplan! (quick recap of floorplan):


It’s mine, all mine! (Insert maniacal laughter here.) However, as with anything, I am learning that I am an adult and being an adult is unbelievably frustrating. Like, I sure would like a different countertop in my kitchen. I have gray Formica. But I do not, at this time, have $8000 to get a granite/Corian/Silestone countertop, which is how much it would cost. It looks like I will have to learn to love my Formica. And I would like to fix my ceiling in my bathroom. It’s ugly and you can see the screws and the plywood, etc. But I cannot fix it because that is the access to the plumbing for the apartment upstairs and if the apartment upstairs floods, plumbers will come into my apartment and rip out all my tiling or whatever to get at the pipes and fix the leak. So it is best to be able to see the screws for easy access. I feel thwarted in my attempts to make my apartment all pretty-like. But I’ll work it out. And pictures will be forthcoming soon.

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