I’ve been working. Lots and lots of working. Also, flowers.

I worked some 14- and 16-hour days in a row there, and I am plum tuckered. I was working on a 200-page Powerpoint file, which usually isn’t a big deal, but there were charts on almost every page. I had to make them all match and they were a million different colors and fonts, it took FO-evah. Luckily I was working with my friend Nellie so I could turn to her periodically throughout the project and say, “THIS SUCKS. I AM TIRED.” And she would understand.

I’ve built some cute ads for NewCastleNOW.org that I will share with you now. It’s tough sometimes to stuff all the info the client wants into the ad, but I think I accomplished it on many of these.





The other day I went to the Macy’s Flower Show, where I took no pictures because although I brought my camera, I failed to bring the memory card, which was still in my computer at home. So I pulled a variety of images from the web. Luckily I found some pictures of my favorite bits of the show. They had a bunch of different gardens: the orchid and bromiliad garden (which was a bit lame, I must say, they picked pretty generic orchids and not one of my favorite kind, pictured below, which looks like a demon screaming at you with a hairy purple tongue:)


The best garden by far was the cactus and succulent garden (thank you whoever took this photo):


People may disagree that this is the best garden and I understand because I simply adore cacti and succulents. So it’s okay if you like the other gardens. I’m biased.

Also, as you walk in, there are little windows in the entrance hall with little flower gardens and big fake pearl-colored bugs which I loved.


I must have the giant beetle in this picture. They also had a dragonfly and a grasshopper. Creepy but delightful.

Oh, and while I was looking up pictures of the Flower Show, I found out that Uno, the beagle that won the Westminster Dog Show made a celebrity appearance.


They combined two New York things I love. I am just filled with glee. New York is the shizzle.

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