I’ve been watching the Olympics almost every night for the last week, and gosh darnit, it’s exciting. Right now I’m watching a bunch of pudgy Belgians give the Americans a real run for their money in women’s beach volleyball. Go Belgians with the poochy bellies and thighs like Clydesdales! I think the best moment so far is the woman from America, the swimmer in the relay, who’s 41 and just had a kid and then kicked copious amounts of ass and broke the world record and got us the silver medal. What’s that, agist Olympic pig-dogs? I spit on you.

I am amused by the quantity of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s commercials. I find it funny that the world’s most important sports event is sponsored by sugar water and deep fried mechanically separated chicken. Oh, and I just saw a commercial for Budweiser, proud sponsor of the American team. Please add “caloric alcoholic beverage that many of the athletes are too young to drink” to that list. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some gravy fries, I’m not pure of heart. It’s just, it’s a major athletic event. It seems contradictory. I wouldn’t want to be an author going on a book tour sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal, perfect for all your paper-burning needs.

These athletes are freaky, by the way. One of the lady gymnasts performed extremely well on the uneven bars, did one of those hard landings, and we the viewers find out later that she had a broken bone in her foot the whole time. Dear God, I get a hangnail and I consider taking a sick day. She had a broken foot-bone and she’s flinging herself off of high things to slam down on that foot with all her weight… see what I mean? Freaky.

So hooray and yay for Michael Phelps, you’re clearly part eel and we’re all very proud of you and your size-fourteen feet. May you grow gills and disappear under the water to marry Ariel and live on the ocean floor with dancing singing crabs for all eternity. It is your destiny. Good luck on your twelfth (!) gold medal tonight and may all your full-body shaving not be in vain.

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  1. Tim Kau says:

    best post ever.

    i loved every word.

    this should be engraved.

    or at least shown to every one before watching the olympics.

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