I iz a nurd.

I like lolcats. For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are pictures of cats. With words around them. And they took the internet by storm and show no signs of stopping. As long as cats make funny anthropomorphic faces, people will put words on them and lolcats will continue. Here are a few of my favorites.

1168702253-1167652659981.jpg 2000035887522228730_rs11.jpg funny-pictures-beowulf-bill-cat.jpg its-beautiful.jpg funny-pictures-christina-ricci-cat-pink-thing.jpg satquestionw128443413017500000.jpg

Occasionally they have lolcats that do not involve cats. These are also equally funny.

funny-pictures-robo-ram.jpg funny-pictures-angry-weasel-soup.jpg funny-pictures-porcupine-kisses-stump.jpg 128297011302345000andatswheni.jpg

Everybody with us now on the lolcat issue? Good. Continuing on. I like lolcats. And at BBDO I had access to a very large printer. So I went and got myself a big frame and printed myself a large lolcat compilation poster. I like my bedroom to be white and devoid of wall hangings, but I compromised and hung the lolcat poster in a corner. But new lolcats come out everyday so I collected them and printed them out and hung them around my framed piece. It’s the only art in my bedroom.

lolcat1.jpg lolcat2.jpg

I reiterate my original point: I iz a nurd.

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