I drew a tortoise.

I’m trying to beef up my drawing and painting portfolio, and after seeing Religulous I was reminded of a story my father once told me. He read that a scientist was giving a talk somewhere about where we all come from, Genesis versus Big Bang, etc. Afterwards, an old woman came up to him and said, “My people believe that the world is on the back of a turtle. And that turtle is on the back of another turtle. And this pillar of turtles go all the way down.”

The scientist said, “All the way down to… where?”

And the woman said, “Don’t be impertinent, young man.”

Anyway, that inspired me to draw a tortoise with a village on its back. Here’s the original sketch.


I’m going to do some pen work on it and then I’m going to do some watercolor work on it and then I’m going to do some acrylic work on it. All very similar to the deep sea fish series. It should be a lovely tortoise when it’s done.

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