I made a softie! Tongue-twister: Red shantung silk softie.

I can’t sew. In college on my costume rotation, everyone else in the class was given cotton to sew their final project. I was given muslin. No one else got muslin, not even the lighting designers. I wasn’t worth using cotton on. That gives you an idea of my complete sewing suckitude. Which is why the fact that I crafted something out of fabric and it chose not to set itself on fire out of shame is marvelous. So check it out!


It’s a softie made from red shantung silk (see title of post) with tan silk on the side which I beaded as well. And then there’s the face. Close-up:


It took me a really long time to come up with that forehead design, but I’m very pleased with it. I wanted a very mellow, gentle sort of look on the face and I think I achieved that. And this little softie gets along quite well with Snorth’s sheepie-sheep.


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