Spider painting.

I made a painting of a spider for my mom. It looked like this:


And then I brought it to work at BBDO to scan it and in the process I misplaced it. I have no freakin’ clue where it went. I’ve finally gotten around to repainting it. Since I have a tendency to draw things straight on or in profile because it’s easier. I decided to challenge myself and do this in three-quarters’ view. The new spider painting looks like this:


The colors are kind of off in this scanned image, it’s a more beige-y color and softer-looking, but it’s fairly close. I’m still unsure about painting it darker elements to enhance the look or just leaving it alone. I’m going to let it breathe for a week or so and then see how I feel.

Addendum on March 9: I took a photograph of the spider in more natural light, and I think it came out much better. I’m going to leave it alone.


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