Trapezes and Baobabs.

Sorry for the “not writing” thing. Nellie (my co-worker, it’s just the two of us in this department) went on vacation this week and everyone at work wanted a presentation or a book or a handout RIGHT NOW OMG CRAZYPANTS. So I’ve been running around with a watering can putting out fires. In the design sense. But on Friday night I got to see Cricket’s sister Mishi do her swingin’ thing with the trapeze. Mishi has been taking a class on the West Side Highway at The Trapeze School and you know how dance schools have their end-of-year recital? Well, the trapeze school does the same thing. It was free and she invited me, so I went. And it was so worth it. It’s in a big tent and one sits on mats on the floor. Then all the classes (who have dressed up in costumes, this recital’s theme was “Peter Pan,” so lots of pirates and fairies) take turns climbing the palpitation-inducing ladder and do a few swing-and-catch stuff while topic-related (in this case, “Peter Pan”) music plays in the background. It was great. The audience would cheer for everyone, even if they didn’t know them. You started rooting for complete strangers, so strong was the comraderie. Here’s some footage of Mishi practicing, so you can get an idea.

This weekend I also had a chance to work on a little painting of a baobab with a dung beetle. I was hoping to share it when it was finished, but it’s taking longer than expected (it’s HARD to draw a dung beetle, I’m on my fourth attempt), so I’m going to show it to you in bits. First, the baobab:


The colors aren’t that vivid and saturated, my scanner scans that way. And here is the dung beetle in its incompleteness:


I’m going to glue the dung beetle half on the baobab and half on the dirt below the baobab. I’m thinking of moving the dung ball up and underneath the dung beetle so the whole drawing is more compact. Dung beetles back way up on their dung balls anyway, and right now this looks too much like an Egyptian scarab necklace. But this gives you an idea of where I’m heading.

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