I made a mirror. It’s very Louis the Fourteenth meets recyclables.

The title there pretty much describes it. The long story is that here at Publicis, there are window display units where worker bees can show off their talents and skills and one display space came up and I had the opportunity to fill it with my shtuff. The CCO has to approve all the content first, because, you know, you can’t have pieces that has a woman bending over showing you her goodies while simultaneously giving you the finger and killing a raccoon with a hatchet and a word bubble comes out of her mouth saying something about how advertising is the work of the devil or something like that. It has to be nice art. We’re not trying to rile people up as they walk to and from the copier. Luckily, all my work classifies as nice art, nothing upsetting or vulgar, so that worked out well for me. But the CCO said he liked my soda can mirror I made a few years back and he would like me to display that. Here’s a pic:


Unfortunately, it’s too big for the display space, but when the CCO says he likes something, you best produce that thing or something very close to it. So I had about a week and a half to make another one, which I did (clap clap clap for me). One this one I decided to go with one color family and focus more on the pattern. So I bought a case of Fresca cans (they have a nice pattern, go look at one one day and you’ll see) and made a pattern loosely based on an ornate faux-rococco frame I saw online. I hammered all the little bits of tin onto plywood, added a mirror, and poof! A mirror is born.


Now my bedroom is covered with little bits of sharp tin can, which is awful, and if I didn’t walk around barefoot all the time and have good callouses on my feet, would also be very painful. But the CCO came down from his pretty swanktastical office and saw the display and said he liked it, so it was all worth it.

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  1. bari says:

    that is really really awesome. I might need to commission you to do one for my apartment. Although I am in love with the fresca version what are you feelings on grape soda, i find it aesthetically pleasing.

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