I got more Africa pics!

First, some pictures Cricket took of some incredibly cute bebbeh vervet monkeys:

5.jpeg 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 11.jpeg

Then, so pictures sent to Cricket from the morning walk where they saw the rhino and conveniently didn’t die:

afrika-909.jpg afrika-910.jpg

And another thing I didn’t mention is that a big thing in Africa is vibrantly printed cloth.


It is common to print political leaders on them.

pagne1.jpg 610x-1.jpg 610x.jpg

I saw these fabulous cloths with Obama on them while I was in Africa. The best part of them was the artist had put a star on his lip, as if he was wearing lip gloss. So fabu. And, lest you thought I was kidding, I found a shot of it.


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  1. snorth says:

    … and I love the Punching Fist Of Hope.

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