Two artists I think are very cool and I want to share with you.

Since not much is going on other than work in my world right now, I thought I would take some time out and tell you about two artists I am very fond of. One is Jeremy Fish. He is an illustrator/painter/designer who seems to know no bounds. I can’t really pinpoint why I love his work so much, but I think it has to do with his incredible use of a very limited palette and his excellent brushwork. Also, Jeremy Fish’s marriage of the cute and the creepy is great. No one else in my family likes his work, mainly because he uses skulls so much, but I live alone and need to take no one else’s opinions into consideration, which is why I have one of his pieces on my wall.

Here’s the logo to his website:


A pic of the man himself in his studio:


An album cover for Aesop Rock:


A magazine cover for Juxtapoz:


A hotel room Jeremy Fish painted (I must stay there one day):

r71_web.jpg r72_web.jpg

Some pics from his Rome exhibition:

fish1-1.jpg fish2.jpg

And, apparently, he even designed a marital aid:


He is also famous for designing skateboards, shoes, pillows, vinyl figures, etc. You can check out his work on his website, silly pink bunnies.

The other artist I wanted to share is Pete Fowler. I learned about him when I went to Kid Robot for the first time. I fell in love with his vinyl figures, and that was the beginning of my collection. He does these computer illustrations of woodland-dwelling oddities that look like they belong in a suburban basement with wood paneling and brick-colored shag carpeting, so much are they a throwback to the late ’60s slash early ’70s. I just find his work charming and delightful and sweet and eccentric.

Here is a flyer he designed, I assume for the series of vinyl characters “Pets and Their Owners” (which I really need to get):


A wall mural he designed:


And album cover for the band Super Furry Animals:


Some other vinyl characters that I do own:


And look! Someone has made an animated something-or-other with his work! Yay!

Once again, while his work is not for everyone, it is really fun and sweet. Pete Fowler’s website is Monsterism.

In fact, here is a picture of my living room with both artists’ work in it.


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  1. Gem says:

    I discovered that I also like Jeremy Fish, from your last blog mention, and I mean to pick up something of his! Plus, my friend just mentioned Juxtapoz to me the other day, oddly enough. I have heard of Pete Fowler, need to check his stuff out too…. But here are two I like that I think you might enjoy:
    Daniel of SteamCrow –
    Tokidoki –

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