Maybe something I should make a piece about soon.

First, a thoughtful spammy message brought to you by the caring folks who sell prescription drugs over the internet:

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I can’t even FATHOM what this means. But for some reason, it’s really really intriguing. I can tell you, if I ever become a superhero or a Nordic warrior, I want to be Viscera the Vascular.

So, my mom told me about this poem by a French man named Jacques Prevert. She translated it for me, and it is delightful and would make a wonderful series of pieces, or a small book, or something like that. I’m going to give it more thought and try to figure out how best to illustrate it.


The Song of the Snails Who Went to a Funeral

Two snails went off
To the funeral of an autumn leaf
Their shells were black
Crepe draped around their eye stalks
They go off in the dark
On a beautiful autumn night
Alas when they arrive
It is already springtime
The leaves that had died
Have all resuscitated
And the two snails
Are very disappointed
But here comes the sun
The sun says to them
Do take the trouble
The trouble to sit down
Have a glass of beer
If your heart so desires
Take if you please
A bus ride to Paris
You will see the country
But do not keep on mourning
I’m telling you that
It darkens the white of the eye
And makes one ugly
The stories of coffins
Are sad and not pretty
Take back your own colors
The colors of life
Then all the animals
The trees and the plants
Begin to sing
To sing out loud
The true living song
The song of summer
And everyone had a drink
And everyone got tipsy
It’s a very beautiful evening
And the two snails
Made their way home
They were very moved
Because they had had lots to drink
They staggered a wee bit
But up there in the sky
The moon watched over them.

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  1. snorth says:

    PLEASE lake a drawing of 2 snails with crepe draped over their eyestalks!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE!!
    And I was thinking that Viscera the Vascular would totally be MY superhero name! I’ll fight you for it!

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