Up: A review. With spoilers kept to a minimum.

I saw Up, the new Pixar film. And it was… weird. Very weird. Like, it was good, but it SO wasn’t a kid’s film. Within the first ten minutes I said, “Whoa, I feel for the parents in the audience that have to explain the topics touched upon already.” It felt like an independent film, not very Pixar or Disney at all. And yet, there were parts that were total slapstick and very funny. It was a confusing film. I felt some parts were weak plot-wise, and then some parts were too strong and poignant. And sometimes these feelings overlapped. I made a small diagram to explain that:


Each color represents a different emotion I felt. Go see it, you’ll see what I mean.

The most important thing I was reminded of was how much I love the Pixar shorts. I’ve always looked forward to those. And, as usual, the short for Up didn’t disappoint. Because it’s still in the theaters I won’t link to it now, I’ll give you a chance to go see it properly, but some of the others I will share that had a specific impact on me.

This was the first thing I ever saw of theirs, Luxo, Jr.. I saw it on Sesame Street as a wee tot and was totally captured.


Then, when I was in college, A Bug’s Life came out with Geri’s Game as the short and I became a hard-core lover of Pixar. PIXAR 4 LIFE (insert appropriate gang sign here)


My favorite of all time came out soon after that, For The Birds. It came out with Monsters, Inc. Still, to this day, I can watch it and laugh like a little schoolgirl.


Another one that really was sweet and amusing was the short for Ratatouille, called Lifted. Terrific, sweet, funny. I like how the student alien can swivel his eyeballs without the rest of his face.


And finally, the short from WALL-E, called Presto. I have rarely laughed so hard in my life.


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