Two things I am undecided about.

1. As you might know, I work in the bead-and-sparkly-rhinestone district of New York. I see a ton of tacky excessive things on my walk to work (remember this image from a previous post?):


Now a new hat shop has opened on my route. I had glanced into the window briefly, but one day I took a moment to really look. And aside from seeing these (SO BAD!):


On the top shelf was a large conical straw hat covered with plastic apples and pears. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where you would wear it. I mean, we are in the fashion district and this is something an extra would wear during the “We Welcome You To Munchkintown” song in the Wizard of Oz.


Now, most of me is like NO NO DON’T SELL THAT, SOMEONE WILL BUY IT AND WEAR IT, but part of me is I WANT TO BE THAT PERSON GIMME THE HAT. I know it’s wrong and bad, but it’s also awesome in a Carmen Miranda way. And the theatrical drama nerd in me wants to wear it while singing showtunes. Loudly. I feel dirty for even considering the possibility of the hat. Bad hat! Tempting Jessica like that.

Also, in case it doesn’t match your outfit, they have one made just with green pears.


2. The TrueBlood logo.


I love handwritten fonts and it’s nice to see someone not relying on computer-generated typefaces for everything, but it also looks like they spread out the word “true” and then realized they had not budgeted enough space for the word “blood” and the writer said, “Okay, okay, not a problem, I’ll just squoosh ‘blood’ into skeeeeny letters and everything will be fine.” Ergo the indecision.

Also, in a completely unrelated note, did you see the pictures from Tim Burton’s remake of Alice In Wonderland? They look beautiful, but everyone says the Mad Hatter is played by Johnny Depp, and I am convinced this is a picture of Elijah Wood. Look at it. It looks just like him.

deppx-large.jpg redqueenx-large.jpg alice-topper.jpg

Addendum: The fruity hats are gone! Either they have been sold or burned in some kind of produce-based ritual. I don’t care, I’m just glad the temptation to buy idiotic headware is gone.

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