The cutest picture in the world.

This past weekend I went to local street fair in Pittsfield, Mass. and the raptor people who I see every year at the Blessing of the Animals at St. Francis of Assisi were there. These people (photo taken at the Blessing of the Animals):


See that big orange-eyed Eurasian Eagle Owl? My cousin took a picture with him/her. The raptor people have a thing where you get a photo taken with the rodent-killing bird of your choice, you pay $10, and you get a photo. You support them and you get a keepsake in return. Everybody wins. You know how I love the Eastern Screech Owl? This guy? (photo also taken at the Blessing of the Animals)


Well, he was in Pittsfield! His name is Solomon and he is mega-adorable. I made my father pose for a picture with him. I don’t know who’s cuter in this picture.


Look at Solomon, doing his best impression of a rotting bit of tree. And ANGRY and APPALLED rotting bit of tree. My dad said he weighed three ounces. Three ounces of KILLING MACHINE. Three ounces, for those among us who suck at visualizing amounts, is equal to a Three Musketeers bar. Think of that the next time you’re holding one in your hand. The candy bar, not an owl. Don’t hold owls.

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