Websites that are fairly self-explanatory and fun to look at when you have nothing better to do – part deux.

1. A website called “There, I Fixed It.” I also call it “Look, I Done Made You Sumthin’.” Some of my favorites:

leannag-frankenbike.jpg tifi-facethandle.jpg tifi-hotdog.jpg tifi-macgyverheadlight.jpg tifi-snowfridge.jpg

2. Spoiled Photos. When people like me end up in (what should be) tasteful photos of you.

spoiledphotos-1218961875-34918.jpg spoiledphotos-1218961869-38655.jpg spoiledphotos-1218961867-53363.jpg spoiledphotos-1218961868-89926.jpg

3. And finally, Loltatz. Some of the worst tattoos ever. Many of these are inappropriate for work, or home, or your eyes. Just take that into account.

touche.jpg amazing.jpg lamp.jpg

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