Threadless. OMG, I love Threadless so much.

Threadless is a t-shirt company that sells over the internet. It is, however, not like the other t-shirt companies one comes across in one’s travels on the internet. You, the graphic designer, come up with a cool idea. You submit it to them, and thousands of people vote if they like it or not. If it is well-received, Threadless gives you a monetary prize and then prints the shirt and sells it. It’s all community-involved. I own about twenty-five different shirts from them. Here are some of the more betterer ones:

extinct spoilt dog-homework

Here’s one based on The Cure song Friday I’m In Love:


And here’s one called Nice Boobies! (get it?):


They also do shirts with words, and sometimes they are very clever.

vague 623-tee_large 1515-tee_large 1046-tee_large

Even though I am a supporter of all things Threadless, I am by no means a hardcore fan. There are people out there who LURVE Threadless SO MUCH. I just found a guy who started Threadcakes, where people make cakes to look like their favorite Threadless designs. Some are technically very good, and some not so much so.


But some people took initiative, took the t-shirt designs and expanded on them instead of just copying them identically.

threadless-antcake threadless-devilcreamcake threadless-gluecake

So go check out Threadless.

Nude no more!

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