It has arrived! Rejoice and be glad!

When I went to Africa, I bought a beaded baobab tree, about two feet tall, which made it too large to carry home. A friend of my mom’s said that she would ship it back with a cargo shipment of hers, but it would take months to get here. And now it is here! I am so happy.

baobab1 baobab2

The guy who built it put in an extra wire piece in the inside of the trunk so I can turn it into a lamp. Giant glowing baobab! Hooray! I got it from the same store that had the GIGANTIC baobab lamp with flowers.

When I set up the cords and lampy bits, I will take a picture and we shall all enjoy the glowing beaded tree together.

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  1. Gemma says:

    I am looking forward to seeing your tree with lights! I have to mention that you and your tree were in my dream last night….odd… 😉

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