My camera is emo.

Okay, I have a new camera, since the old camera decided to commit seppuku and stop taking pictures. Today I took pictures of my latest bracelets to put in my store (it’s a-comin’!), so I set up my little studio in my bedroom with my nice sheet of silvery paper and my bright color-corrected lamp, and… most of the pictures sucked. Either it was too dark (for no discernible reason, look at the silvery paper and note the light is directly in the middle of the bracelet):


Or it was blurry (also no discernible reason), or sometimes it felt like CHRISTMAS and it was both blurry and dark:


Can I just point out that the bracelet above is covered with light grey swarovski crystals? It should be light and happy and sparkly. It looks like something Robert Smith would wear on one of his gloomier days. So I decided the only solution would be to go outside and take pictures in the bright sunlight. Take that, camera! Try to make my pictures look dim when they are bathed in the light coming from a giant flaming planet in the sky! Ha ha ha!

Long story short, the pictures looked much better.


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