The internet has neato things. I feel the need to share them with you.

1. I visit CuteOverload every day for my daily dose of cuddly happiness, and it appears to have spawned a similar site, totally devoted to cute food. How marvelous. It’s called EpiCute, and I have posted some of my favorites.

2877461620_d7e970e749 cute-food-bird-house cute-food-coffee-1 cute-food-cupcake-with-toppers cute-food-happy-new-year cute-food-japanese-bean-paste cute-food-latte-bear cute-food-marzipan-figure-2

Did you see that gingerbread house with the red birds? OMG, that is so very awesome.

2. There’s an artist/graphic designer who goes by the name Lunchbreath. He designs some really stellar infographics and charts. Some of them have rough language, but they are very clever and very funny and you need to see them. Right now, in fact. He also has terrific handwriting, very distinctive and charming. Here’s his flickr stream where you can peruse his entire graphic collection:

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