The Super-Secret Thing: REVEALED!

It’s not really that exciting to anyone but me, sorry. We had a huge annual meeting here at Publicis, and they wanted lots of creativity and illustration, so they asked me to draw everything that was in the meeting: icons and headers and pictures, oh my! So for the last six days I have been drawing. Here’s a selection of the more interesting things I drewed.


I’ve drawn maps and flags and logos and awards and and cartoon talking bubbles and a potato – for your information, it is very difficult to draw a potato. They isn’t anything inherently potato-ish about a potato. It could be a cloud, or a rock, or an abstract lumpy thing. I put three eyes on it, I hope that helped. It’s in the middle all the way to the right if you’re looking for it. I’ve drawn over 100 things. And it was really hard for me too, because they wanted the drawings to look loose and hand-done, and if you know anything about me I like everything to be perfect and tidy. There were flaws. FLAWS, you hear me? I mean, they wanted those flaws there, but still, FLAWS! I had to control my natural spazoid tendencies. But the presentation looks absolutely awesome, so it was totally worth it. I am going to bed now.

P.S. Also the Statue of Liberty and Mr. Potato Head.

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