I iz a cartographer now.

My co-worker Lorn just bought a house and she needed some of those “We’ve Moved!” cards to send out, so I offered to make some for her. I took her old address (in Astoria, Queens) and her new address (in Port Washington, Long Island) and made a map. I also found a picture of her new house and put that precisely where her new house is. I then watercolor-painted the water and the house. It turned out great, except…


What the hell was I thinking with the calligraphy? She didn’t move from The Shire to Mordor, why did I decide to write like that? It appears to be a mystery that will never be answered. So, no biggie, I wrote the words in a slightly less Tolkien-esque style and photoshopped them in, and the card turned out swell. Lorn loved them.


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