An artist you should know: Tom Gauld.

I was very sad when Edward Gorey passed away; There was a hole that needed to be filled. He created droll, macabre, witty, dark pen-and-ink drawings and I didn’t know about anyone who did anything similar. Now, I’ve recently discovered Tom Gauld. He’s a illustrator who lives in London and makes weekly drawings for The Guardian. They are droll and macabre and witty and dark pen-and-ink drawings. Don’t get me wrong, the drawings are very different from Gorey’s, but they are alike in all the good ways. Gauld also makes a great many references to literature (Gorey made references to ballet, film, and opera), which makes me happy. Hooray for smart people, and the smart cartoons they read! Here’s a selection of some of my favorite Gauld pieces.

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Tom Gauld has stuff for sale, so you can own an original Gauld! Check out his website:

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  1. Gemma says:

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    Though it is a bit far to travel, it sounds like fun! 😉 -G

  2. Gemma says:

    Sorry…one more…..
    But I love Craig Thompson’s works and this is similar in some ways.

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