Why I don’t like Mad Men.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s an excellent show, with super-sexy actors wearing great costumes. My problem is is this: First of all, it’s about advertising, and I live the advertising life all the freakin’ time, so it’s mighty depressing to watch a show where so very little has changed since 1960. Hey, treating women and minorities like crap, hooray! The good things never die! The second thing is that it’s so morose. Everybody’s dissatisfied with their lives, and stifled, and bitter, and disappointed. It makes me miserable. I look to my television to do one of two things: educate me (Dirty Jobs, Modern Marvels) or entertain me (House, Scrubs, The Smoking Gun Presents). Mad Men doesn’t really do either. So that’s why I don’t like Mad Men. The end.

Addendum on December 10th: Okay, Season Two is better. It’s growing on me. Less depressing, more dramatic.

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