I’m makin’ art!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and I want to wish everyone a Happy Merry Holiday and a year filled with positivity and gratification.

Someone asked me how I get my ideas for my work. Usually, it’s from seeing something on The Discovery Channel or on the internet. However, sometimes a thought comes into my mind and nestles up against another thought and – poof! – a delightful piece of art is born. Here’s my latest example: Snorth has a cat named Ruby. Ruby was a very cute, rather friendly kitten when she was wee.


However, Ruby grew up, and now two things can be said about her at all times: she is fat, and she hates you.


And because, like me, Snorth is incapable of calling her pets just one name, Ruby also goes by Rubens, Rubenstein, Beefapotimus, and Harbor Seal. Also, Snorth says Ruby suffers from Teh Bitcheh and Teh Grumples. All of this information came to rest in my head and I decided her full name was Rubenstein D’Grumples. And then I thought that it sounded like a 20th-century upper-crust name (example: William Backhouse Astor, Jr.). Then I thought about those posters that Mucha and Beardsley did (see how it’s all coming together?) So, armed with this picture off of Facebook:


And some research:

Bedivere Aubrey Beardsley 1894 Mucha-Sarah-Bernhardt-Tour-Poster-Giclee-Print-C12546084leyendecker1

And now I have this:


Yay! I’m very proud of myself on this one. It’s pretty small too (10.5″ x 5.5″), so there’s quite a lot of detail in a very small space. I still have to come up with the pattern for the outer frame there and decide if I want to add color to this, but it’s coming along great. When it’s done, I’m definitely adding this to my portfolio.

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