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One of my weirder pieces. And that’s saying a lot.

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Y’all familiar with the concept of photobombs? It’s when you’re taking a nice tasteful picture with your best friend or your Auntie Bernice, and  then some crazy jackass just pops up in your photo, ruining this heartwarming moment. They’re very popular on the internet nowadays.

Casey-eyebrow-P Sydnie-bomb-P JC-wtf-P

Well, I decided, what if monsters photobombed pictures? You know, you pose with your friend and you get ready to take the picture, and then. “blooooorg!” – this thing messes up your nice setup. So I made a painting of what I thought it would look like.


I don’t often crack up when I look at my own artwork, but for some reason I find this concept hysterical. It might be a sign of my impending plunge into mental illness, but it amuses me no end. I’m working on a second painting right now. We’ll see how it goes.

Utah Baby Names.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I just found a website with all the popular Utah Mormon baby names, and wow. I mean, wow. I had no idea. I mocked Jason Lee for naming his kid Pilot Inspektor, but I should really send him an apology note because some of these names are… definitely a personal choice.

Some of my favorites for boys:

Antrim Zeezrom
Daxson Ekewaka
El Myrrh
Marvelous Man
Shannon doah (dude’s name, just a reminder)
Vernal Independence
Vilar Bodily
Welcome Exile

My picks for the girls:

Abcde (note: that’s the first five letters of the alphabet – as a name)
Blessing Ream
Chinchilla Zest
Confederate America
DeFonda Virtue
Kaysional Tempest
Trauma Anne

Real names, people. These are real names.