Rubenstein D’Grumples. Part 4, The Finale.

I finally finished the piece. I’m not totally thrilled with how the frame part came out, but I learned that it is very hard to make small curved or rounded shapes with one stroke of the pen. The pen kept catching on the fiber of the paper and causing the line to sneak away from me a little bit, making this not as close to perfect as I would like. That’s why I was going to scrap the whole frame. But as long as you stand further than 8″ – 10″ away from it, you can’t see the HUGE ENORMOUS APPALLING ERRORS FLAWS MISTAKES AAAHHHHHH sorry, I’m working on controlling that. It’s a good piece. I need to chill.



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  1. snorth says:

    I have thanked you before, but allow me to thank you again! I have to record audio of Doobers snarling and being extra grumples because, even though I know it’s serious business to her, it’s pretty freakin funny! She sounds like a giant panther that sucked a bunch of helium. Oh, she is so full of the hate!

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